A Tribute To Marilyn Murphy Meardon

Founder of Girls Night Out

Actor Marilyn Murphy Meardon is one of the founding mothers of the “Girls Night Out” concert series and she is fondly recognized as a mainstay of many theater and storytelling events in Rhode Island over a number of years.  Graduating from Carleton College with a B.A. in history, she continued graduate studies in education at the University of Chicago and later went to Northwestern and the University of Keele in England for theatre education.


She is well respected for her work in Rhode Island theaters: Looking Glass Theatre, Second Story Theatre, NewGate Theatre, the Barker Players, Rites and Reason Theatre. In her work with the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanitites, she protrayed Rhode Island historical personages in schools throughout the state.


 She also took the role of Mrs O’Grady in the film Monument Avenue and was the voice of America’s Forgotton Heroine: Ida Zoradia Lewis, in that historical documentary film. Her celebrated solo performance, Queen Elizabeth I: In her Own Words, was researched and composed by Marilyn using the Queen's own letters, poetry, prayers and speeches to create a performance bringing the Monarch's words to life.


She was a founding member of the Spellbinders Storytelling Collective from its beginnings in the 1980s and, with them, established the Jonnycake Storytelling Festival which ran for many years in Peace Dale, Rhode Island. 

Marilyn is loved for her generosity, her optimism and her great sense of fun. She has continually encouraged and helped members of the storytelling community in Rhode Island with patience and humor.


This concert is dedicated to her in thanks for all her fine work, and her warm and generous encouragement.

A Celebration of Women in Story & Song

March 8, 2020    4pm

Southside Cultural Center of RI

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